Monday, August 09, 2010

Gone wrong

It is probably time to think! Yes it is.

Just tell me, do you know if anything is going right today?
You do not know, do you?
Well, let me tell you; nothing is.

The wars are out of control because drone attacks send messages of love and peace. The economy is out of control and the poor keep buying what the rich sell. Healthcare is just like a Domino's pizza, few big greasy slices (Pharma, Insurance, and Doctors). Education; we are worse than South Korea and no one is interested in making it better because it take three presidential terms to see results. Crime is up, prisons are packed, and guns are for all. The black president turned out to be white. The country decided to have a tea party.

I doubt that we can think!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

What does it Mean to Elect Obama?

I have been thinking about the meaning of the results of the elections. Over the last few days, I have heard from commentators, musicians, friends, radio, and TV. There are few themes: race, maturity, and future. 

Some voters were race sensitive and opted to vote republican. Others claimed that they were race neutral, that their vote was driven by issues and character. I doubt, however, that this group of voters were that neutral. For many liberals, the Obama's blackness was a plus; the election of a black man to become the president of the United States restores some of its reputation as a beacon for hope and progress. I believe that if Mr. Obama was white, many would not have voted for him. His blackness was his gem. Race played a role in every vote, a positive or a negative one. 

America's vote for Mr. Obama is a sign a maturity, growth beyond the age of the cowboys, beyond the years of adolescence. Through the 2oth century, America went through the generation of the world  wars and their children, the baby boomers. The presidents of the  20th century are bright examples of these generations. These generations took the US from the industrial age to the information technology revolution. But now, it is the era of the post baby boomers, their children. They played a large role in organizing, voting, and wining the election. It is a multicultural, connected, intellectual creative crowd. They live in large cities, own studios and small condos, and drive small cars.  They stylish, but not in Brooks Brothers. They have a small personal space. 

Last, the future. This is the beginning of the new American century. It is the time to put together the blue print for the coming 100 years. The constitution, in its spirit and not in its detail, will remain the inspiration for how to plan for a new era in a manner that will allow this nation to grow and spread good around the world.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I had a strange feeling today: an anticipation with a subtle worry and a hint of satisfaction. Everyone at work today felt strange and as we looked, we were able to see it in each other's eyes, we recognized our ourselves. It was as if we were all agents of a secret organization planning the great  escape, planning the revolution, planning the takeover. We all new what will happen tomorrow and whispered it to each other with nods and smiles. It reminded me of the movie "V for Vendetta". When tomorrow comes, everyone will be ready, everyone will be charged, everyone will be waiting for the signal. Tomorrow, we will all go out, feeling the same, looking the same, and doing the same: voting in the new America.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hope Obama

I have been listening to and reading commentaries more than ever in the last two weeks looking for the arguments that would make Obama better than McCain other than: he is just like Bush, and finally I heard it yesterday on NPR. It was from a young lady that lives with her family in a farm. She were educated, had children, and elected to be a farmer. She spoke softly and eloquently. She said, and I am paraphrasing: we need a president with a lot of hope to give us all hope. Her words reflected the depressive universal desperation that we are seeing all over this  country. It is not about a solution, it is about a leader. A leader that will hold the torch and light the way. A leader that will feel the pain of the people. It is for a leader with a new vision, a new philosophy, a new  paradigm. I believe that the election of Obama is the rebirth of America,  the beginning of the new post-information, post outsourcing revolution, the new world. It will be painful, but it will joyous. So let us hope.